Life Lately


It is officially fall now, y’all. I thought I would be sad because summer is my favorite season, but I am very excited for fall this year. I am very thankful for that too. Do you like fall??

Now on to the completely random snapshots from my life lately. It isn’t too exciting, during the week that is. Nevertheless, I hope you will enjoy.


I have been learning some new camera tricks. Note the very odd pictures above.


It rained for two days last week. I really like rain, but only during the colder months. Yes, I consider fall a colder month. Go ahead. Judge me.


Guess who is completely obsessed with this song. This girl.



I enjoy balloons.




I also power walked in a 5K (above) and photographed a wedding (below) on the same day. That’s right. I am feeling pretty awesome. (and sore)


I also realize this is a fairly boring blog post. I am not too good at this or even keeping people’s attention in general. I hope to improve in my blogging skills. Any tips are appreciated.

If you read through this whole thing, then I love you.


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