Fall Time

I have tried so hard to formulate a blog post that was at least somewhat organized. I have now realized that it is not possible because fall itself isn’t very organized.


Going to pick up my little cousins for a weekend full of fun. Our day was filled with being chased by rain, rocking out to Radio Disney, and listening to Riley tell us her made-up stories. It’s crazy how mature this little two year old is. If I didn’t know better, I would probably say she was four or five. It makes me sad to see how fast she is growing up.


This little girl is the cutest little potato that I have ever seen. I just want to squish her all day long. She is growing up so fast, just like her big sister. And while I am on the note of big sisters, this little one is going to be one also. :) :) I cannot wait to meet my little cousin coming next year!


Taking the girls to the pumpkin patch is one of my favorite parts of fall <3 Seeing their laughter and pure joy while sliding down the slides makes my heart happy.


This apple was ginormous.


I love going to Johnson’s Orchards! It is so much fun to walk around and see all the pretty things. I love the whole atmosphere there. It is so happy and southern.


While climbing up this rock I here a voice from down below yelling “we found you!!!!” Hahaha, I love my family <3


Fall festivities are the best! I love fall, especially, because I live in Virginia. We live in the prettiest state <3 Now it is November, and that is the best month of the whole year!


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