Extra Thankful List

Thankful isn’t one day a year. I wish people {including myself} would realize this more often. I would like to remember this all the time, and I hope you will too. 


I like lists. So here’s my plan, I am going to make a small lists of things I am thankful for. I don’t want to make a list of things that I am thankful for in general, but things that I am extra thankful for at this moment. These are things that I am thankful for all the time, but right now, they stand out to me more than before. 


//Things I am thankful for right now//


1. for my Savior who wakes me up and blesses me every day.

2. for a house to live in, and a home, which is just wherever my family is.

3. for Christmas socks.

4. for everything else Christmas-y.

5. for my Frame family full of my friends who have never left my side. 

6. for the show “Duck Dynasty”.

7. for my cousin, and the fact that she and I are best friends despite our age difference. 

8. for new friends who treat me like they have known me forever.

9. for my gigantic family, because no matter what the relationship, aunt, uncle, cousin, 3rd cousin, we are all close.

10. for the chance I have to share this with all of you.


Please tell me a small list of things you are thankful for. Make this a different list; however, a list that is things you are especially thankful for right now. Things that you are thankful for now, more than you normally are. 


2 thoughts on “Extra Thankful List

  1. My list: 1. Jobs for my children to get them over the hump until God’s perfect jobs are made manifest.
    2. Grandchildren who know the Lord.
    3. VCF’s upcoming Christmas musical that will minister to all who hear it.
    4. Heat in our home on a cold night.
    5. Learning what it’s like to be retired.
    6. Loved one’s who have been healed by a touch of God’s hand.
    7. Finding recipes to enable me to use my Crock Pot often.
    8. My mother is happy and safe in a very nice assisted living facility.
    9. Special gifts we receive randomly from those who know our financial situation.
    10. A special Thanksgiving on the farm our family will never forget.

  2. I loved this Julie!! I am absolutely thankful for:
    1. My family who will always be there for me even when I feel like no one is.
    2. The comfort of my home with the good food that it brings.
    3. Dance, because it lets me free myself from bad thoughts and fears.
    4. My friends, at church, dance, and co-op, they always seem to understand and know what to say.
    5. Pie (pumpkin of course).
    6. The smell of cinnamon (CHRISTMAS).
    7. The ability to sing with my little sister, even when Maddie gets annoyed. ;)
    8. A dish washer that works, I’ve seen one that doesn’t work very well, I am so thankful for ours….
    9. My family has a healthy relationship, I hate seeing families that don’t love each other..
    10 Jesus Christ who came down for me and died a terrible death.

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